I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I still do.

Painting is one of my passions.

I hope you like the paintings. I have loved to paint since I was a child. I abandoned painting when I was a pre-teen, as sports and my buddies, later expanded to include girls and popularity, became my life. Well, never totally abandoned; sporadically, I'd sketch, or do a primitive oil painting. In 1978, I took a two-month life drawing class I'd discovered in a catalogue of a Berkeley free university. The class lasted over two years, and I discovered I was a painter, although it took years, many classes and much studying, and many paintings, before I could answer "Yes" when people asked if I was an artist. The teacher of that original class is still part of my drawing group. I have a studio in Berkeley, and paint regularly.

All paintings, writings and photographs © 2015 or earlier by Denis Clifford




Denis Clifford

2703 7th Street #327

Berkeley, Ca. 94710

(510) 849-3022

I am away on vacation during July and August. (My father, a college professor, taught me the virtue of taking the summer off.)

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